Sip & Prance Daily: Corridor Flow Coffee

Updated: Apr 7

One thing I love about coffee is the energy it gives me. (Yeah, yeah. I know you're probably sick of hearing about "energy" this and "energy" that. Energy, energy, energyyyy haha.) But seriously, coffee is a good source of (actual) energy and depending on the flavor, type, and temperature, you can enjoy it while vibing out to pretty much anything. Today, I wrapped up a project for one of my clients so I needed something quick and vitalizing to kick off off my #workflow vibe. As I typically travel with my work, I was in the mood for a cute, cozy, quiet, and illuminating place that served good coffee. I also wanted to be in the South Bay area, so I pranced my way on over to Corridor Flow Coffee in Lomita, CA. I ordered an iced black coffee with almond milk and a splash of mocha and it was oh so good; not too bitter, and definitely not too sweet. It definitely gave me all of the perfect feels!



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