Sip & Prance Daily: Coffee Run Outfits

Updated: Apr 8

Sippin' coffee and prancin' around town is what I do. The best part? Doing so in a style. Call me extra, but whenever I'm looking and feeling my best, the coffee hits just right, and the prance may just turn into a somersault. Life gets hectic. With so many things going on in the world, I'm all about finding ways to simplify my day, hence why my daily coffee runs are a must. Today's look features simplicity through one of my favorite comfy ensembles: a sporty cotton romper (from Fashion Q) and a mid-length camo jacket with the best fluidity. To spruce the look with an 'office feel', I paired it with a floral neckace from #Forever21 and open toe booties from #Ross. For today's daily sip, I pranced my way on over to Starbucks on Bixel St. in Downtown Los Angeles.

Have you had your coffee yet? If not, what are you waiting for?!



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