Sip & Prance Daily: Coffee Bean Ice Blends

Quarantine definitely won't stop me and my folks from getting our daily dose of caffeine. (Thank God for mobile pay!) The only problem? Deciding where to go. LA graced us with a little bit of rain so we had to make this coffee run quick. We were in the mood for something cold, sweet, and yummy. (For some strange reason, colder beverages always seem to hit when the weather is gloomy.) When it comes to coffee, we tend to be a little choosy, so the daily sip had to have all of the "qualities" we were in the mood for. We ended up prancing our way on over to Coffee Bean, where we picked up a couple of Irish Creme Ice Blends. Oh...myyyyy..gaaaawwssshhh...not only did we make an excellent choice, but can I tell you what made them extra delicious?? We requested to have them infused with oat milk and espresso. The oat milk gave the blend a creamy, light, and smooth texture while the espresso served as a savory complement to the sweetness.

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