COVID-19 has impacted communities nationwide and the aftermath of its uproar has not been easy to cope with. However, while this season has been filled with highs and lows, one positive thing we can say about COVID-19 and Quarantine is that there has been plenty of time to reset and sharpen our creative skill set.  


In efforts to pay it forward and assist those suffering from job loss and career uncertainty, Inscribed by Brittany is hosting a Free Consultation Giveaway Contest for the month of June. The goal is to encourage the continuous support of entrepreneurship while also giving back to the community.  

Eligibility Guidelines:

This Contest is open to US Applicants only.

To ensure that the contest is fair across the board, past clients, as well as those currently receiving Inscribed by Brittany services will not be eligible for entry in the June 2020 Giveaway. 

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