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Book and Coffee

"Brittany Brown has been a major support for my past book projects. Her professionalism and commitment to the work requested has made the difference between a good work and a great work. She was patient during our editing process going from chapter to chapter. She was timely in returning back finished work and she was committed to make sure I was satisfied with the process. I would suggest Ms. Brown to anyone looking to publish any body of work!"

Michael Johnson, Author

"Brittany is an amazing writer. She helped me edit my essay in graduate school and working with her was a great experience. She was very patient with me and and quickly understood how I wanted to structure my essay. Her amazing writing ability is paralleled by her care and attention to detail when she edits your essay. She is terrific!"

Janet Sherman, P.A.

USC Keck School of Medicine

"Brittany Brown has been the go to for all of my writing and editing needs and I highly recommend her services. When I was applying to graduate school, she edited and spruced up my personal statements, and helped to highlight the major components of my expertise as a Community Health Professional. She is the best! Thanks to her, I am now proud to say that I hold a Master's Degree in Public Health and am currently acelerating in my career. Thank you, Brittany!"

Ashley Anyakwo, MPH

Community Health Professional

"Brittany did a great job of turning my admission paper into a masterpiece and she did it in less than a week. I'm truly appreciative of her help and am confident in using her again in the future. And yes, I was admitted into my Master's program.....thanks Brittany!""

Zerika Scales, MS

Food Science Expert

"My boyfriend & I utilized Brittany's resume writing service and we don't regret it! Her professionalism, turn around time and follow up were amazing. We're coming out of this pandemic READY to take on the world with new careers, new opportunities and NEW RESUMES!"

Thanks Brittany!"

Tyra McDaniel & Davon Clark

Banking, Management & Customer Service

"I’ve had the opportunity to know Brittany  personally for over 5 years and as her client for 2 years. As my editor, Ms. Brown has helped me obtain scholarships, build a personal portfolio and help me gain entrance into PA school at USC's Keck School of Medicine. She takes her time to understand me by first unraveling the threads that make up the quality of my work. Then when Ms. Brown implements her ideas, they are coequal to mine, but clearer, precise, intellectual and more robust. An artist in her writing, Ms. Brown has helped teach me about my own writing skills. She has the patience to work with me side by side, and the leadership to give direction to the project at hand. I recommend Brittany Brown to anybody that wants to learn to enhance their writing ability. As a colleague, she is great, but as an editor, she is phenomenal. The joy that Brittany has for writing shows through her work and personal expression.  If you don’t believe me, just call her one day and you won’t leave any less than amazed."

Zerin Scales, P.A.

USC Keck School of Medicine

"Brittany has done a fantastic job on my resume. I was extremely impressed with her work! When I was in my trainee program, all of the students were asked to submit resumes for review. My resume was the only resume that was returned with ZERO edits. Brittany is always so helpful and quick when I ask her to make minor changes for me and I am often complimented on the layout/format of my resume. Brittany, thank you so much for all of your help!"

Ashley Albans

Casting & Entertainment

"Brittany truly has an amazing gift from God. Her knowledge and expertise in professional writing helped alleviate a lot of stress I was dealing with while applying to grad school. She showed an extraordinary ability to understand what message I was trying to convey in my personal statements. With her help, I am now attending the school of my dreams and will continue to use her supportive services throughout my professional and educational endeavors. Thanks, Brittany!"

Jessika Williams, Graduate Student

California State University, Dominguez Hills

"Before Brittany updated my resume, it was in shambles. After talking to Brittany about what I wanted on the resume and asking her for suggestions on what should be added and taken out, she produced a very strong resume and cover letter that I feel will make me stand out. Brittany is very professional, has great communication skills and does a wonderful job in a timely manner. I will not hesitate to work with Brittany again and will be recommending her to my friends!"

Terrell Pierce

Medical Technician   

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